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Gonzo SEO

I never would have thought that Toby Keith’s lyrics would have actually applied to real world issues. Funny how things like that happen, eh? Enough about country music (I know you all secretly love it), and onto my point.

About two weeks ago I wrote a heartfelt plea to the Internet marketing world to knock off the recent drama and nonsense that has been plaguing this industry. I… Continue reading


There are a number of great keyword research tools out there (paid tools and free tools, too). Many times, however, I really wonder if I’m doing enough work to get into the mind of the customers. Getting into the customer’s mind is critical, and there isn’t always a tool that can help you do it. You are forced to turn to other methods of keyword research. Here are my… Continue reading


SEO isn’t a dying industry, it’s an evolving industry. I think that Greg and Shoemoney make good points, but I disagree with their overall impression of SEO’s future. Yes, the Search Engines’ algorithms are changing, but they always have – and always will. One thing you change today, may not work a week from now. Isn’t this how it has always been?

The sentence that I disagree… Continue reading


I Call Them Gonzo SEO’s for a Reason

by pratt on March 5, 2008

Ever notice my blog roll on the right? I don’t call it “links” or “blog roll” or “blogs I read.” I titled it, “Gonzo SEO's” and each person on that list is on there for a reason.

To me, a Gonzo SEO is someone who offers a unique perspective to the Internet marketing world. The criteria I look for when choosing to knight these awesome people with such a… Continue reading


The Secret to Becoming an SEO Celebrity

by pratt on February 21, 2008

Taylor Pratt - Gonzo SEOAfter reading through the great discussions regarding SEO celebrities, and after much thought, I have decided to reveal the secrets of the top SEO celebrities in the industry. If you desire any sort of stardom, you must read this guide. I hope the celebrities exposed in this article will support my decision to… Continue reading


Stop Guessing – Study Your Competition!

February 4, 2008

Watching the Giants dismantle the Patriots last night reminded me of a critical step to every website strategy: competitor analysis. I find it amazing how little people actually talk about it. Yet, with every audit I complete and with every web strategy I create, a competitive analysis still remains a priority.

Kimberley Bock from Learning SEO Basics wrote up a great… Continue reading

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12 Signs That You Suffer from SEO A.D.D.

January 16, 2008
SEO A.D.D.Dev Besu’sJust Do It Philosophy in Search Marketing” inspired me to figure out what I could do to improve my time management. I sat down and I started planning out what I should get accomplished throughout the rest of the week. I remember writing down the word “Today,” and the next thing I knew I was reading through… Continue reading
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8 Reasons Why You Should Read Gonzo SEO

December 10, 2007
  1. You won't get the same old tricks you can read on hundreds of other blogs out there. Here, I will provide you with real-life client management catastrophes and how they should have been handled.
  2. You'll learn how to present to clients. Internet marketing is more than just what you know. You need to be able to simplify it enough so that your client will understand how you are helping them.
  3. You'll learn
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